Monday, July 28, 2014

Good enough I say! Good enough.

I want you to understand what I started with. These two rooms pictured below were the cause of a lot of my daily frustration. The photos were taken once the kids had "cleaned" their rooms. As you can see when they say "clean" it actually means "I found all sorts of clever places to stash an ungodly collection of shit I don't need. Can you smell that? Can you smell that putrid mustiness mom? You'll never find it." I can't really blame them for being so lackadaisical though. I sort of set a precedence with the way I hung up their decor.

Last blog I covered the adventure of getting the rooms cleared out, thoroughly douched, and the furniture in. This is all about the decorating. The prettying up. The makin' shit classy. I had so many ideas. Google "decorate girls room" and HOLY SHIZAM there is just so many options! So many! Just as I started sketching design ideas and bringing home fabric samples my boyfriend said something wise to me. He said, "Are you high? You're not doing any of that. I swear sometimes you are out of your friggin mind. You're bat shit crazy." He's a silver tongued devil :) Actually he didn't really say any of those things. He just stared at me for a long time and then shook his head no. Totally means the same thing though. Also, he wouldn't give me any money for this little project. That left me with a real challenge. I had to transform these two shit holes in to one clean, organized, room that was cheap, simple, and fun. And most importantly, easy for them to keep clean and organized. And I had to do it on a budget. But how? It seemed like an impossibility. An enigma. A mystery. A horrid epidemic that will forever plague our house. Luckily for everyone involved I'm brilliant.

My inspiration went from this:

To this:

I know! I know! The first one is so cute! But the second one is clean as F$#% and a room on a budget if I ever saw one. Am I right or am I right?

Here is what we chose.

The beds - Platform with three drawer storage. It eliminates the need for a dresser.

The shelf - Gives them a place they can keep a few things but by using empty spaces and small baskets it means they can't shove a bunch of garbage into it and shut a drawer/door/compartment when they "clean"

The closet - I took the doors off. I had two reasons. 1. The doors open in to the room and that requires a lot of space for clearance. We have two beds in there. We don't have a lot of space. 2. Transparency. Just like the shelf, if I can see it they can't hide it. Also we strung up fun lights. I like that. It's the perfect night light.

The decor - A collage. Its fun, its cute, its so bohemian and its all stuck to the mother F%#@& wall so they can't even think about playing with any of it or turning it from decor to clutter. Plus I had this wonderful idea that they could take pictures of each other, we'd print them and hang them. Each girl would be so proud of every picture because they are either in the photo or they took the photo. That was an epic fail. Because little girls are shitty at everything and that includes photography.

We did a few crafty things though. We took a Styrofoam circle and pinned and glued floral fabric to it. They seem to like it, but I kinda think it looks like I nailed a pillow to the wall.

We went to yard sales, antique stores, thrift shops and found fun frames and wall hangings. I also got a few things from Hobby Lobby. Calm your tits folks! I bought those things long before the conglomerate declared war on the lady parts. Anywho... We took those frames and wall hangings and we spray painted them. If you would like to try this project here are the steps.
1. Put the item on something you can get paint all over. Because you will get paint all over. I chose grass. It was not a wise choice.
2. Aim and spray

Once you have finished there are a few other things you have to do
1. Pick all of the grass out of the paint on your newly painted object.
2. Dance. If you are like me, you sprayed in to the wind and inhaled enough to paint your brain brighter than a pride parade. There are many killer moves that can only be executed when you are high on paint fumes, so COME ON CLOSER TINY DANCER ....
3. Accept it. Just accept that you are and will be covered in paint for a few days. People will recommend you rub gas all over yourself. Don't. You are way too high for that shit.
4. Apologize. You got paint everywhere and there is going to be someone who is not happy about that.

At the end of the day we've got this. Still a couple of lat minute touches are needed. It may not be perfect, but it's good enough.

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